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The Rise of the Australian Micro Apartment

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An interior of a home should always be seen as an opportunity to create a multifunctional space - essentially asking for more function per square meter and potentially reducing square meterage throughout. 

As our major cities become more crowded, household configurations and lifestyles have become vastly different than 20 years ago. Because of this there is an emerging trend to smaller, better designed apartments. With space for new inner city housing is at a premium, developers are increasingly looking for innovative solutions. Hence we are seeing the emerging worldwide forum of the "micro apartment". Popular in London, Warsaw, Tokyo, Singapore and New York. These newly emergent micro apartments range from as little as 11.5 square meters. Despite their size, micro apartments are popular because of their inner city location, flexibility and their affordability. With inner city accommodation at a premium, would you sacrifice space for an inner city locale? Large numbers are willing to give up a car and pay more per square meter for smaller spaces in order to live in amenity rich buildings in prime social and public transport accessible locations.

However, as apartments become smaller, space has to be maximised. Micro apartments, typically smaller than normal apartments, can be streamlined to create the illusion of space. This can be achieved by innovative designs, efficient planning, extensive built in cabinetry and smaller scale furniture. One of the revelations of living in a small home is that choosing less square meter age doesn't necessarily mean you have to make do with less, just that you need to be smart about organising the space you do have. 

Many tiny homes end up with as much usable storage area as places with a larger footprint thanks to their space savvy designers like our designers at Organised Interiors. 
Organised Interiors is an aficionado of efficiency and multifunctioning design. Combine limited space with a limited budget and we believe that's when you can get real creative. This challenge always demands thoughtful design. There is something so enticing about good storage - the way it transforms a corner of a room or a blank wall into a refuge and the way it helps a home run smoothly by keeping everything in its place. Admittedly it involves going bespoke but once your free to design the unit to suit the available space it's possible to build in masses of storage. Micro apartments with areas of 50 square meters are usually considered too small to be comfortable. In our Brisbane Showroom we have provided a very good example of how you can contradict this fact. It achieves in offering you both the comfort you desire as well as the smart distribution of clever storage solutions

Whether you have just landed your first apartment, or are wrestling with what to do with all your stuff now that you're living in a smaller space, micro apartments present some unique challenges. There are many upsides to apartment living, like not having to mow lawns and living in close proximity to the CBD. No matter how petite your apartment, room or home is, it is possible for us to work in efficient storage and transforming furniture. 

Regardless of your storage situation, we have the tips that will help you streamline your life.

Why choose Organised Interiors? 

Organised Interiors knows small spaces. We know what works and what doesn't. With years of experience collaborating with architects, builders, developers and the home renovator, Organised interiors can bring a unique and unparalleled perspective to every project. Anything from multi-unit dwellings, single family homes, new construction projects, renovations, retrofits and commercial projects. With a team based approach we offer a wide range of products and services which include design service, space planning, finish selection and a full range of space saving, transforming and complimentary products. It's never too soon to start the conversation with one of our space saving designers. 

We encourage you to visit one of our showrooms (the micro apartment in currently only available to view in our Brisbane Showroom) - talk to one of our space saving design experts and see the quality of our transformative furniture products for yourself.

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Secrets of an Organised Home

By Claire Marshall 23 Dec, 2016
Our Custom-made Doors

Here at Organised Interiors we specialise in manufacturing a range of custom-made doors. This allows you the flexibility to have a wardrobe designed to suit your needs and the doors are made to measure instead of being limited to prefabricated sizes.

It is important that your wardrobe doors work in unison with your wardrobe internals and that the function is suitable for the room.

Because we manufacture your doors individually you have many options regarding the style. You can choose from our range of designer contemporary doors, colonial, timber veneer or laminate as well as paint lacquer finishes or have something custom designed to suit your home.
By Claire Marshall 14 Dec, 2016
Most of us don't have the extra room for a home office and we end up cramming a desk and all our office gadgets in the corner of a living room or bedroom. It doesn't have to be this way. There are ways to live and work in the same space without having the 9-5 take over.
So when your home is your office, a great work space helps put you in the right frame of mind for your 9-5. Getting a professional and sleek office doesn't require another room though - just a spare corner, nook or wall. Integrating a desk with ample room and cabinets that put essentials at your fingertips can make your workday a productive one. And you can't beat the commute home - about three seconds from desk to sofa. And what about the kids..
By Claire Marshall 22 Nov, 2016
Shelves and storage spaces in, around and under staircases are the best design to optimising the space underneath the stairs.  Stair shelves and unconventional storage spaces around your stairs are also clever ways to declutter you home. In this post, we will present solutions that could serve as inspiration when it comes to making your small space a bit more… functional. 
How many of you thought about using the space under your stairs as a working office area? Let me answer that and tell you that not many people have figured this out. It's all about the stairs; they have to be wide enough and straight forward allowing you to place an office benchtop there and some small shelves. A laptop or a PC will fit in there without any major problems. 
The hallway by due to its nature is like a very busy intersection with streets coming from all over the place. This means that this space can be used to store something that has to be at any moment at hand. A very good idea that also comes in quite handy is to transform that space to store your shoes and clothes for the cold\warm season or create a small space mudroom where inside compartments can very easily be divided so every member of the family can have its own place. 
If your staircase faces into your sitting or living room, it can be a great place to hide everyday electronics like speakers, TVs and video games. The internals of the stair steps can also be used for drawers to hold extra storage space. 
By Claire Marshall 07 Nov, 2016

Do you want to pretend you're a tidy person, just want to put the family back in the family room or if you're not naturally gifted in the putting things away department, keeping your living room looking comfortably lived-in yet still put-together can be a bit of a challenge. But fear not, we have a couple of simple tips for organising your main gathering space that will give the impression of aesthetic order.

By Claire Marshall 26 Oct, 2016

The children have left home, retirement is looming and your knees are getting wobbly. Now might be the right time to downsize to a smaller home .

The retirees of today and tomorrow do not think about retirement in the traditional sense, and their lifestyle expectations are very different to their parents' generation. After downsizing, they are looking to enjoy their new lifestyle close to transport, infrastructure and amenities, and be actively involved in their communities.

Advantages can include increased cash flow, more time, lower utility costs and less stress. Disadvantages can include less privacy, the effort required to start in a new area and make new relationships, loss of possessions and less room for guests. One person's pro's is another's con's.

The city centres - once dominated by young singles - are becoming more and more popular with empty nesters looking for low-maintenance living. And for those who wish to downsize close to where they currently live, there are a growing number of apartment developments and retirement resorts located in the suburbs.

Finding a compact home for the next stage of life shouldn't faze you. Simply research costs, find the right location and embrace good storage design. Consider these ideas before downsizing.


  • If you plan to buy into a body corporate, check out the monthly fees and consider consulting a strata searcher to help you make the right  decision.
  • Depending on where you would like to live, calculate your cost of living, which might be higher in an inner-city environment.
  • Save on your square meter Costs. The less stuff you have, the smaller space you need to store it all. Stop and think about the size of your home, and how much of that space you're actually using. Multi task your furniture with transforming furniture.
  • Save on Utilities, A bigger home means you're spending more every month to heat and cool the space. Not only is this bad for your wallet, but it's also bad for the environment because you're consuming more energy.


  • Take the time to thoroughly think about your desired lifestyle after downsizing. Apartment or townhouse living offers better security with little or no lawn to mow, leaving you with less work to do and more time to enjoy yourself.
  • Downsizing comes in several forms. It may simply be a smaller house or unit, villa or micro apartment, perhaps in an over 55's retirement village complete with amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, gym, tennis courts, even a restaurant or cinema.
  • Consider which activities, hobbies or interests you want to pursue. How will you accommodate your hobbies, and what extra storage will you need to do so?


  •  Choose a location that is close to the places you love and the services you need.
  • If you need to commute to work and prefer to use your car less often, choose a location close to public transport.
  • You may opt to be close to city amenities such as museums, theatres and restaurants, or head for the coast to enjoy water views and sunshine

Regardless of whether you are considering buying an apartment off the plan or downsizing to an independent living unit in a retirement village, always have a close look at the features of your new home.

  • There are a number of factors to consider. Ask yourself: How functional is it? Does it have enough storage options?
  •  Is there a balcony or courtyard that you can use as an outdoor area and additional room in the summer?
  •  What about traffic flow? Will walkways still be wide enough once you have furnished the apartment?
  •  Consider consulting a professional like one of Organised Interiors design consultants to assist you in optimising the existing design according to your needs.
  • Get a feel for the size of your new rooms by comparing them to rooms of similar dimensions in your present home. For instance, your living-room-to-be might be roughly the same size as your current bedroom. You may think you can squeeze in two sofas, but this kind of reality check could help you realize that only one will fit comfortably.
  • Use floor plans to prearrange your furniture before the move. To start, draw plans if you don't have any, and sketch in a layout. Then look at the plans realistically; if you've crammed in side tables, coffee tables and chairs, you need to edit more. Don't wait until after you move to contend with furniture you'll just end up tripping over.
  • Check there is sufficient wardrobe and storage space . Consider an extra room that can serve as study/reading room/guestroom where the room can multi task. Use a wall bed instead of a normal bed to multi task the spare room's space.

  • None of us want to think about the days when health conditions might deteriorate, and walking becomes difficult, but those days can come at an advanced age. Make sure your home allows for you to live in it safely, independently and comfortably, so you can 'age in place'.
  • If you intend to stay in your prospective apartment for the next 20 years, for example, have a close look at the details of its design. More questions to consider are: How high are the overhead kitchen cupboards? Are they in easy reach, or do you need a step ladder to get something out of them?
  • How big is the bathroom? Can it be easily updated with safety features, if necessary?
  • If downsizing for retirement, consider single-level properties or those with at least one downstairs bedroom and bathroom, in case climbing stairs becomes a problem in the future


  • The aspect of increased security in an apartment block can play an important role in the decision-making process when downsizing.
  • If you are living on your own, it can be reassuring to know that you are not alone in the building, and that neighbours are within reach in case of an emergency.

Why choose Organised Interiors? Organised Interiors knows small spaces. We know what works and what doesn't. With years of experience collaborating with architects, builders, developers and the home renovator, Organised Interiors can bring a unique and unparalleled perspective to every project. Anything from multi-unit dwellings, single family homes, new construction projects, renovations, retro fits and commercial projects. With a team based approach we offer a wide range of products and services which include design service, space planning, finish selection and a full range of space saving, transforming and complimentary products. It's never too soon to start the conversation. We encourage you to visit one of our showrooms - talk to one of our experts and see the quality of our products for yourself. Call 1300553205 to make an appointment today.

By Claire Marshall 07 Oct, 2016

Now is the best time to spring clean your home

Spring time renovations present the perfect opportunity to give your house a fresh lift in time for Summer. Some years your home can get by with a simple spring clean. The problem is, there is only so much you can do with a cloth and a broom. So if you are yearning for some major changes, it's probably time for a renovation. At Organised Interiors we have attained over the years a number of design ideas that you should consider before renovating:

Renovation for accessibility

Aging in place, the ability for people to stay in their own homes as they grow older should influence your renovation decisions. Accessibility means making choices like eliminating tripping hazards, lowering storage and removing stairs in favor of open designs that maximize mobility.

Renovate resourcefully

A sustainable renovation can reduce costs and greenhouse emissions dramatically. Sure, the internet has made it possible to connect with a friend halfway around the world but it has also provided home owners with unexpected powers in researching eco-friendly and energy efficient materials and suppliers. Heating/cooling, appliances and water are the biggest consumers of household energy and utility bills. So going green not only helps slash your bills but it also allows you to do your bit for the environment.

The connected home

Tablets, smartphones, apps: they have all combined to create the most connected world and home. Look for options that make your life easier. Renovate with a focus on functionality and incorporate intelligent storage solutions, wireless technologies, automated lighting controls and security around your home.

Bespoke construction

Whether or not it's really a one of a kind renovation doesn't matter. Add your own creative spin on a room and don't worry about the standard design rules. Show you true personality through design, colours and materials and turn your small living room into a place you're desperate to invite guests, or convert your spare room into the hobby room you have always wanted.

Building an escape

Renovate your dark, storage filled basement, garage, or attic. Use this unused space for visiting guests, work at home parents, devoted craft/hobby rooms (man-caves) or as a granny flat. These spaces can provide a cost effective option when you are looking at more space for growing families. Our design team have access to various space saving designs like various styles of wall beds that will meet the growing demand for various lifestyle changes.


Tidying up at home most likely will mean that you will find that you have stuff that you may not use during the warmer months. Move unwanted items or your seasonal winter clothes and sports gear into self storage. Decluttering your home and getting items that are not used often into self storage will make your house look larger and will give you space to move, renovate and celebrate in during the warmer months.

Organised Interiors clients are now more informed than ever about the many benefits of renovating and we are happy to work to accommodate these ideas for the best results. We can help provide quicker installation times, great aesthetics and eco-friendly materials to name a few. Our design team have more flex ability and are able to provide design solutions that are more flexible and can better meet your lifestyle needs with the use of unique plans and designs. If you would like to find out more about market trends and methods to maximize the potential of your home, call 1300 553 205 to speak to a consultant today .

By Claire Marshall 16 Sep, 2016

Small apartments have their upsides - lower rent, often a closer proximity to bustling city areas, and a certain irreplaceable cozy charm. That is, if you know how decorate.

Your apartment may be short on space, but that doesn't mean it has to be short on style. Finding the right balance between functionality and style is important to creating a space that you'll be comfortable living in for the foreseeable future. You need to focus on filling your home with items that fit your needs while highlighting your personal aesthetic.

Cultivate Design Co are an Interior design, botanicals and Home Décor practice that encompasses the skill set of two professionals, focusing on delivering great outcomes across the residential and commercial interior sectors. 
Based in Wynnum Queensland, Cultivate Design Co, created a welcoming and calming interior styling for our Micro Apartment project in our Showroom in Eagle Farm. 
By Claire Marshall 02 Sep, 2016

Whether you have just landed your first apartment, or are wrestling with what to do with all your stuff now that your living in a smaller space, micro apartments present some unique challenges. There are many upsides to apartment living, like not having to mow lawns and living in close proximity to the CBD. But they can present a few down sides as well. With only having one room to live in and distinguishing between the kitchen and the bedroom can seem overwhelming. No matter how petite your apartment, room or home is, it is possible to work in efficient storage. Regardless of your storage situation, we have the tips that will help you stream line your life.

We can't all be lucky to have high ceilings and large windows to create the feeling of open space. So instead try to let in as much light as possible in other ways. Avoid heavy curtains and add as many light fixtures to make your apartment seem larger, cleaner and more welcoming. Another smart way also is to boost storage by exploiting dead space and using every imaginable area for simple and sleek storage ideas. For example, areas above doors or stairwells can be great book shelves. Why not use furniture placement to organise furnishings into smaller groups within the apartment? Since you don't have walls to create boundaries, use furniture, rugs, and lighting to create separate areas while still keeping the space open and airy.

Urban living means two things; small spaces and bike friendly commutes. In our display micro apartment , we show how a mode of transportation can also serve as interior decoration while not taking up any valuable floor real estate. When in doubt hang it up. A bench seat on which to perch while taking off or putting on your shoes also provides a classic hideaway storage solution. The seat does double duty where storage ottomans hideaway plenty and tuck neatly under the floating shelf for seating that is there when you need it and out of the way when you don't. If your studio doesn't have an entry way, make your own with some hooks for coats and a shelf for pretty catch all dishes to hold your keys. Or if you have stairs in your hallway instead, why not use underneath your stair landing for cleverly hidden storage.

By Claire Marshall 24 Aug, 2016

An efficiently designed home is one that considers how each square meter will be used. The goal to efficiency is to not only maximise functionality within a home's physical footprint but also to increase the occupant's useability. An interior of a home should always be seen as an opportunity to create a multifunctional space - essentially asking for more function per square meter and potentially reducing square meter age throughout. This would result in an impact on overall building efficiency and design. With efficient design you should take a holistic approach and start with the occupant. Ask yourself, who will be living here? What will your lifestyle be throughout the course of the day, the week, or over the long term? What features and amenities are important to you? And how long will you stay in this home? Some of these answers may be surprising and could affect some critical early stage design decisions.

As our major cities become more crowded, household configurations and lifestyles have become vastly different than 20 years ago. Because of this there is an emerging trend to smaller, better designed apartments. With space for new inner city housing is at a premium, developers are increasingly looking for innovative solutions. Hence we are seeing the emerging worldwide forum of the " micro apartment ". Popular in London, Warsaw, Tokyo, Singapore and New York. These newly emergent micro apartments range from as little as 11.5 square meters. In the last 5 years the median size of a micro apartment in Australia has altered from 52 square meters to 44 square meters. Despite their size, micro apartments are popular because of their inner city location, flexibility and their affordability. To give an equitable comparison a standard one-bedroom hotel room is usually in the vicinity of 32 square meters. With inner city accommodation at a premium, would you sacrifice space for an inner city locale? Young, urban professionals in large numbers are willing to give up a car and pay more per square meter for smaller spaces in order to live in amenity rich buildings in prime social and public transport accessible locations.

By Claire Marshall 04 Aug, 2016

How to attract students to your rental property

"Build it and they will come" is a saying made famous in the 1989 film 'Field of Dreams' and with the current demand for student accommodation in Brisbane it certainly holds true. The rush to accommodate Brisbane's growing student population has boomed on the back of discounted council infrastructure charges and Brisbane's increasingly significant international student population which is the city's largest export industry. However, before you start pouring foundations consider the below design tips and you'll be designing a popular student apartment that will be easy to rent and run for years to come.

Student priorities are different to the investor. Students expect great Wi-Fi, gaming areas and pool tables. Investors want more value and return on investment per square meter. So if you're building from scratch you're probably already speaking with a town planner. They'll tell you what can and can't be built on your site. Armed with the knowledge of how "big" you can build; the question then becomes how to structure your building to maximize yield for student accommodation.

In general Brisbane currently has a very strong demand for ensuited 'queen bed' sized bedrooms and studio apartments in all major student catchments around the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), the University of Queensland (UQ) and Griffith University. The inclusion of ensuites where possible will greatly benefit the property with these apartments always the first to rent despite the higher rental rate they attract. Also building storage and furniture into the design and layout of the apartment from scratch can give the investor the opportunity to rent the apartments fully furnished where they are basically move in ready and require little expense to maintain.

Building efficiently designed student accommodation where opportunity meets function can potentially reduce costs per square meter. By designing for maximum efficiency in storage and multi- functional furniture the overall build and design can help the investor reduce costs through requiring less natural resources to build, less energy to operate and less time and energy to maintain. Just a reminder that utility costs are a large component of running a student accommodation property. Consider building in other cost saving measures such as water efficient fixtures. Electronic timers on external lights and air conditioners are also a must.

When renting to students, it's not about the size, it's what you can do with it. So embrace your inner 18-year-old and include ingenious ways to store, accommodate and live. We recommend that you:

* Use your walls wisely. With lack of floor space, this is where using your walls wisely comes in. Whether you want to build in shelves, storage, or bookcases for the avid student, making the most out of the vertical space available is a good option.

* Consider a Wall bed . Not just for children and teenagers under 15 years old, a wall bed is actually a great way to open up more space in a smaller room.

* Source storage. Use unused areas like in the loft, linen cupboards and under the stairs. Use the corners which are possibly the most frustrating of places that never get used. Use the random spaces for storage or function, like the space between beds and desks and above fridges.

* Build in better clothes storage . It's not always an option to build a full sized wardrobe considering the limited space, so instead design the internal space to be super useful and functional.

* On and over a Desk. Building in office furniture with storage will the number one selling point to any student looking to invest their money in your accommodation.

Organised Interiors knows small spaces. With years of experience collaborating with architects, builders, developers and the home renovator, Organised Interiors can bring unparalleled perspective to any project. We offer a wide range of products and services. It's never too soon to start the conversation. We encourage you to visit one of our showrooms and talk to one of our experts and see the quality of our products for yourself. Call today 1300 553 205

By Claire Marshall 21 Jul, 2016

 But not all wardrobe products are created equal 

Getting the delicate price versus value balance correct can take practice. At Organised Interiors we pride ourselves on our expertise of the storage industry and at the end of the day our goal is to give you an easier and better way of life. Being a small Australian family run business, we have the design and manufacturing experience of over 30 years, which means our technology, workmanship and controlling costs are very mature. We have had numerous happy customers and can provide testimonials for your reference if you require them.

We fully appreciate that firstly you have considered the effort that we have put into submitting a comprehensive proposal for your requirements by providing you with a free design appointment with no obligation to purchase. Secondly, we also understand that you do not want to spend considerable time and resources on finding the right space saving design specialist that will outline in detail like we do, on how they are going to provide you with what you need in a timely manner.

What makes us value our design services and final product so favourably? We offer you inclusively - bespoke designs that you won't find elsewhere, high quality materials and world renowned hardware from our Australian certified leading suppliers, reliable manufacturing processes, timely delivery and installation, skilful and caring installers, high-quality pre-sale and after-sales service, with a 10 Year warranty on our workmanship. This proves that not only are we a professional manufacturer but that you would be a responsible buyer to purchase from us.

As you can see we charge the rates we charge because of our skills set and our expertise. We are more than happy to help you reach your expectations on budget in any way we can but unfortunately our prices are already keenly priced. Our prices are a reflection of value and we are more than confident in saying that not all products are created equal in the market place and we welcome you to compare our quality and products.

Call us today to arrange your next wardrobe project. We provide onsite service, which means we come to you to provide a free measure and quote! Call 1300 553 205 or send us an online enquiry today!

Claire Marshall - Designer/Office Manager

By Claire Marshall 04 Jul, 2016

You might think creating a dream walk in wardrobe is a simple task, but there is a myriad of different styles and inclusions to consider before producing your dream designer robe. Now I'm not talking about the flat pack variety here - I'm talking about bespoke and tailored to your personal requirements. A custom built dream robe can cost somewhere between $8,000 to $20,000 and is very similar to designing a kitchen, so its not something to be taken lightly. If you're thinking of taking your wardrobe to the next level, here are a few lessons that we have learnt over the last 20 years.


The most important thing to factor into your wardrobe design is accessibility of clothing and accessories. Solutions that are simple but thoughtful are always practical - such as angled shoe shelves and perfectly placed shelves for business shirts - makes finding items a breeze. A simplistic layout that suits your day to day needs will ensure your wardrobe design has longevity and will turn getting dressed from a chore into a treat. The basics of good wardrobe design is to maximise space. Storage that factors in adjustability to accommodate a growing collection of clothing and clarifying your priorities when it comes to aesthetic versus function.


The continuity of the finish, from the exterior to the interiors of your robe, is essential when creating a robe that oozes luxuriousness. The use of timber veneer is a favourite and timber look finishes can equally be as beautiful. By adding emphasis to these details you can create a robe that becomes a piece of furniture in the room and looks like it is meant to be there, not an afterthought to the design.


A clothing storage system with no doors, in which your clothing and accessories are on full display, can look as chic as a boutique clothing store. The key to a successful robe, however is organisation. When planning your open robe, knowing how much space to allocate to hanging garments and items that are more likely to be folded will ensure it always looks effortless and inviting. An open design also works best for couples who share closet space, as opening and closing doors can become chaotic when trying to get ready at the same time. Besides aesthetics and practicality, another welcome bonus of going sans doors is the savings to your pocket which is handy if budget is an issue.


If you have a shoe collection to rival Carrie Bradshaw's then a special collection of shoes or handbags should be incorporated into the theme of your wardrobe. Not only should your space reflect your personality and your passion for designer goods, but giving your favourite fashion items some specialised space gives you the luxury of seeing exactly what's on offer when selecting your outfit for the day as opposed to rifling for what you need. Dedicated shelving is another fabulous way to present shoes. The trick to ensure your kicks are the centre of attention is to arrange them in a way that catches the eye and allow each pair some breathing space.


An outfit viewing area can simplify your choices. An inclusion of a valet rod is an understated stroke of genius. Why have a gorgeous wardrobe and stylish clothes if you don't have an area to prepare your outfits and style your look for the moment? The valet rod allows you to hang clothing, so you can accessorise and match the right shoes, jewellery, bag and jacket. Having a dedicated space for the sole purpose of helping you put your best foot forward is a worthy investment.


The right mirror can add a sense of luxury. Whatever your taste, whether it be ultra modern, contemporary or something more traditional, creating an area for a chair and vanity will take your robe to the next level and will provide the perfect space to apply make-up and coif your hair before stepping out. Its also nice to have a full length mirror included in your robe. Leave space for a mirror on a wall or if your short of space, choose a pull out mirror. Just be sure to incorporate your mirror in an area where you have space to step back and take in the full view.


Lighting can lift your wardrobe game. Just as kitchens require different lighting for different functions, so does your wardrobe. There are three main types of lighting that will bring your robe to life. The first is display lighting to showcase your clothing. The second type of light is task lighting especially for makeup areas. Finally a touch of mood lighting will set the scene. Depending on the style of your wardrobe you could choose a chandelier or a modern pendant to catch the ambience of the space.


Carpet looks and feels plush in a walk in. There is no better feeling than stepping barefoot onto a thick pile carpet for that added element of luxury - especially if your robe is a thoroughfare to your ensuite.


Matching coat hangers will tie your theme together. Throw out your metal and cheap plastic hangers and invest in something a little more elegant and keep them consistent to ensure that seamless, organised look.


Clever storage solutions bring the wow factor. Its one thing to have a drawer space for your smaller garments, but having fully compartmentalised drawers made to measure is a little luxury worth having in your life. If there's one thing disorganised jewellery is known for, it's becoming a disorganised mess! A simple custom built jewellery drawer will help you de-clutter your items and most importantly will provide a safe place to store your most precious pieces. Those accessories that make all the difference to an outfit definitely deserve their own space in your robe. Some accessory options include tie pull out racks or scarf or tie pull out racks.


Adding mod cons can make the space multi-functional. Some of the best wardrobes are ones that are cleverly designed with modern convenience in mind. More specifically, why leave the very place your garments are hanging to iron a crease out of your clothing when you can design your wardrobe to include a built-in ironing station? Another wonderful contraption worth considering is an in-built laundry hamper system, particularly if your wardrobe is in close proximity to the ensuite. How's that for convenient?


Custom built cabinetry means every item is accounted for. You could be a lover of long dresses, or have a collection of coats for every occasion - whatever your assortment of clothing may be, a custom built wardrobe ensures your belongings are stored away in an orderly fashion. Call us on 1300 553 205 and we can help to plan your dream robe to trump all robes.

By Claire Marshall 17 Jun, 2016

Organised Interiors offer you a complete personalised service
An Organised Interiors designer will discuss your ideas and needs to ensure a practical solution for your storage problems. We are experts in maximising your wardrobe storage . Your designer will meet with you at your home to gather all the required information about your needs and assess the space you have to work with. As every clients requirements are different, our designers work closely with you to identify the best solution within your budget. Following this, we will prepare a quotation based on your requirements. Your designs will be available for you to view and fine tune with your designer.

Getting the right design
It is important to ensure your new wardrobe not only suits your needs, but looks great. A good wardrobe design will ensure clothes of different lengths and styles are stored together, that shoes are kept in pairs and that folded items and accessories are not bunched up creating a mess. Materials and finishes are just as important in creating beautiful wardrobes and play an integral part in the design process. All of this organisation plus being easy for you to access things behind doors and in the corners, is why it is a good idea to get a designer to organise your space.

Adaptability and flexibility
Organised Interiors wardrobes are fully adjustable. We design wardrobes to be flexible so that if your needs change, the wardrobe can easily be re-arranged to suit. This is particularly important in a child's wardrobe and is appealing to home buyers. What you use now as a wardrobe in the spare room may later be used as additional linen storage or with minimal alterations, a study. Therefore a system designed to adapt and change is an investment into the future.

Project Management
Our expert team will project manage your new storage solutions from the initial concepts and designs through to manufacture and installation. We will coordinate removal of existing built-in wardrobes and doors if required and our installers will leave your new wardrobe system clean and ready for you to put your things neatly away. We will run the entire project for you and work with any other trades people you may have to ensure you get a fabulous result without the stress.

Long term benefits
When you come to Organised Interiors we promise the whole experience will be a delight and the end result will provide many years of enduring joy. We will follow up to ensure you are completely satisfied and will provide a ten year written guarantee on the products we use and our workmanship.

We pledge to treat you with respect and to draw out the best from each other, so our company can achieve our goals of total commitment and satisfaction for all.

Our Sales Team: is dedicated solely to finding the best design solution in consultation with our customers from establishing the initial relationship to staying in touch with an open and flexible approach

Our Admin Team: will track your job and ensure promised time lines are met and that you will be kept directly informed of the progress. They know you and your job through their monitoring and coordination roles

Our Production Team: will scrutinise designs for excellence in approach and once debriefed, your job will be passed on to our finishers, paint experts and factory craftsmen as it passes through the various stages of construction. At each stage the quality is checked and goes no further until cleared by our quality control manager

Our Installation Team: before it leaves the factory, your installer will check the plans and componentry required. He will contact you to advise the approximate arrival time. He now takes over from the admin and production teams.

By Claire Marshall 03 Jun, 2016
Organised Interiors is an Australian family owned company employing Australians. By supporting us, you supporting local workers and Australian families. We have the experience and the drive that makes us a leader in the wardrobe industry. We have built a reputation for providing an excellent range that has been made using only the highest quality materials. We have catered to many clients and our regular referrals are a testament to our excellent customer service and craftsmanship. Since 1985, we have been producing high quality wardrobes, doors and other storage designs to create uniquely beautiful wardrobes, bedrooms, lounge rooms and offices.

Why choose us as your wardrobe builders?
Flexibility and choice. The design and implementation of storage spaces can have a massive impact on the look and feel of your home. So here at Organised Interiors everything is made to order so your imagination is the limit. Your theme of choice, from Traditional , Hamptons , Country or something more modern can be carried through every room in the home. While we primarily deal in custom built wardrobes, our team is also happy to supply a range of other services to complete your ideal home. We manufacture and fit a wide selection of products including wall and entertainment units, desks, shelving, storage cabinets and wall beds . As all of our production takes place in our factories either in Brisbane or Canberra, we have close quality control over the production process, from design, manufacture, painting to installation, we have you covered.

But above all, we are committed to providing an environmentally sustainable and responsible product. Never before have consumers cared so deeply about the environmental impacts of the products they use. In these environmentally conscious times, concerned consumers are coming to realise that building products offer a breath of fresh air by giving them the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are using an environmentally friendly building material. By using mainly Australian made products that do not require transporting goods long distance we are reducing our carbon footprint. But that's not all - as an Australian business we operate under some of the strictest environmental policies in the world, which means not only are our manufacturing processes and controls more mindful for the environment - but better for you, the final consumer.

So when you choose Organised Interiors for your next eco friendly wardrobe project you can be assured that you are making a quality investment, backed by our 10 year guarantee. You are also supporting a proud Australian company that is continually innovating and is committed to being at the forefront of green production.

When you make a purchase for your home you want to be sure you are getting excellent value for money. Not only do we pride ourselves on our fair pricing and quality products, we can also give you peace of mind.

No matter what you are after, we take the time to discuss your needs with you to ensure you receive products that are completely tailored to your needs and preferences. Call us today to arrange your eco built wardrobe . We provide onsite service, that means we come to you to provide free measure and quote! Call 1300 553 205 or send us an online query today!
By Claire Marshall 20 May, 2016
So you're building or remodeling green, and you're trying to decide what to do about your cabinets. Because we all know there is an ever present need to address the environmental challenges of our times: climate change, environmental sustainability and pollution. Thus the need for a conversation about sustainable construction and healthy living choices.

At Organised Interiors we build responsibly as stewards of our environment. Its not easy, but it's the right thing to do and something we have been committed to for over 20 years. It's an extension of our holistic approach to business. And we believe our business is about more than just cabinets and profits. We have refined our values to include a larger sense of purpose for our company and its effect on the world we live in.

Why? With the inevitability of declining fossil fuels, and the threat of global climate change, reducing your energy consumption is an essential survival strategy. Choosing and designing to build green saves energy. The low embodied energy of green products ensures that very little energy went into their manufacture and production, with a direct reduction in carbon emissions. Eco friendly design methodology can further reduce energy consumption by minimising energy inputs for heating, cooling and light, and incorporating energy efficient appliances. Saving energy for the occupant also saves money - an issue that will become increasingly important as the cost of fossil fuels inevitably rises in the near future. As such Organised Interiors is committed to an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. It is an intrinsic part of the way we do business daily. We provide innovative, high quality environmentally preferable interior solutions for residential applications every day.

Another term that has been thrown around a great deal in recent years is sustainable building. Also known as green or environmental building, sustainable building practices can encompass a wide range of different components. One of the first factors to consider is the type of material that you use for your building project. You need to know where your materials are sourced from. The best option for sustainable building is to use as much recycled material as possible.
By Claire Marshall 13 May, 2016
Do the items in your wardrobe try to leap out and attack you every time you dare to open the door? With a few easy, cheap and convenient space saving solutions, you can rescue your wardrobe from becoming a black hole and instead bring some order into one of the most used spaces in your home. Say goodbye to the days of desperately dodging a mass of handbags raining down on you, and instead be ready to embrace an organised and harmonious wardrobe.

The first step is the hardest. In order to properly evaluate what needs to be in your wardrobe you're going to have to take everything out and separate the bad from the good. Donate or sell anything that doesn't fit or you haven't worn in over a year, and recycle or throw anything that's torn or damaged.

Now that everything is in piles on the floor, you may as well sort by colour. Not only will your wardrobe look more pleasing you will be able to select outfits with ease and rapidly identify your favourite pieces. By alternating your shoes (one facing in and one facing backwards) you will be able to fit more of them on a flat surface. By utilising our double hanging system, you will also be able to utilise every spare centimetre of space.

Know what to hang and what to fold, thus allowing us to organise your wardrobe design to suit your wardrobe needs. Then you reach up as high as you can, using the space above the storage shelf, to store bulkier items and seasonal items such as winter coats. Make the most of your vertical space by using pull out hooks to hang ties, scarves, belts and handbags. This makes your accessories as visible as possible which is crucial to ensuring every item is used and not left lying neglected.

Drawers are a great solution for keeping an overview of your personal belongings. They allow you to organise your jewellery, sunglasses and expensive underwear on customised inserts where everything is divided into little compartments - be prepared for organisational bliss.

Baskets are also great for storing less used accessories and seasonal items like hats and gloves. Now that you are cured of your wardrobe despair, lets us help design your dream wardrobe.

If you don't have space to create your dream wardrobe, talk to one of our designers and they will be able to get you started with your creative side.

By Claire Marshall 04 Apr, 2016

The modern laundry is a far cry from the poky add on room that was the norm in our grandparents day. Today's laundries are more likely to be a visual extension of your home, with sleek cabinetry, spacious bench tops and streamlined whitegoods, making them all the better to cope with the volume of different tasks it is required to play that inevitably comes with looking after a busy family. For those who are looking to update your space here are some design ideas that could improve the functionality of your laundry.

Nothing says functionality as well as a fold out ironing board. Hanging rails are also a useful addition and can also be conveniently located in the laundry under overhead cabinets.

A well designed laundry basket system with more than one baskets can help sort and hide your dirty laundry. Clever storage design for those who prefer a clutter free look, gives you the ability to stow away items in a hurry when visitors drop in.

Invest in an internal hoist to save on energy costs and help with drying delicate items. If you have the capacity, incorporate a laundry chute to save on stair mileage.

Increase your bench space with a sink cover that doubles as a bench top extension. Make your laundry multifunctional and add a pull out dog or cat bed into your design.

  Even in the most compact of space, it's possible to find room to incorporate a laundry. It's not uncommon to find a washer/dryer combo tucked under a kitchen bench in apartments. As long as you can run a tap and a drainage pipe, a small scale laundry could materialise in just about any spot. Think of the cavity under the stairs, or under a bench on the back deck.

If you don't have space to create a your ideal laundry, talk to one of our designers and they will be able to get you started with your creative side.

By Claire Marshall 04 Apr, 2016

One of the biggest concerns expecting parents to face is having enough space. Normally designing kids rooms can be fun, but it's always challenging, especially when faced with an already limited amount of square meter age.

However with a bit of expertise, planning and creativity, even the tiniest space can be transformed to accommodate the needs of a growing family.

When faced with a challenge that many young urban families face - an expanding family dynamic but their space does not - a great designer will help you can think outside the box.

For example in a two bedroom apartment, where the second bedroom is required to be a useable space for multiple children, you can incorporate a dual Wall bed system that folds up into the wall when the beds are not in use, creating an open play room during the day.

On the other hand in a one bedroom apartment, the living room can be used by parents as a bedroom where a wall bed with sofa can be incorporated into the lounge room space, so the kids can use the bedroom. Wall beds fold away out of sight so there is plenty of space for everyday activities - including entertaining.

In utilising every piece of furniture so it has multiple purposes is also important. Incorporating transforming furniture to create multi functional work and living spaces can help create stylish rooms. Our innovative pull out table gives you extra space for dining before storing away into a wall cabinet that can incorporate your homewares on open shelving. By placing one of our clever desks on the front of the Off the Wall bed, you can utilise both a bed and a desk in the same space. Using our innovative pull up coffee table, you can have a coffee table during the day, and at night can pivot up into a spacious dining table.

Find extra storage also in novel places. Underneath a pull up bed or bench seat, on the shelves of a wall unit, in wardrobe drawers and overhead cupboards, or storage cubes that double as seating. Make your rooms perform double duty, and give it two functions in a single space, especially when you're making room for the baby and you.

If you don't have space to create a children's bedroom, talk to one of our designers and they will be able to get you started with your creative side.

By Claire Marshall 03 Mar, 2016

Your bedroom is the one space you can really call your own, a private sanctuary to relax and unwind. Unless you live in a remote location, space is often at a premium, so making sure you have sufficient bedroom storage is essential.

Bedroom layout, storage, textiles, lighting and flooring all play a part and should be functional as well as a visual feast when you walk through the door.

It's a good idea to measure and map out your bedroom before placing anything in your bedroom. In doing this, make sure the bed isn't in an awkward area, leaving little free space or flow around the room. We suggest allowing a minimum of 800mm around all sides of the bed. By establishing a focal point that should compliment your space and not dominate it, For example a built in bed head, artwork or bed linen you can create a harmonious bed space. If there's space left over, you can fill the gaps with furniture and decorative items.

If this is still difficult in your small space, we can help to organise your storage areas. Lift up beds provide great storage for blankets and pillows when not in use. Built in bed heads with shelving above the bed take away the need for bed side tables, and can still be used for creative design with featured artwork, collected treasures or bedside reading projects. By reconfiguring your wardrobes you can add extra room and valuable storage areas. Also we can ensure you can comfortably open doors and access your belongings easily.

New bed linen is sometimes the easiest way to update the look of your bedroom. Use an occasional chair for a reading nook, and as a practical spot to sit and put your shoes on. Window treatments such as curtains or blinds should coordinate with other components in the room. Painting the room a bright colour with depth can transform a featureless room into something dramatic and exciting.

For general and task lighting think about where you will be walking. If space is an issue, hang pendant lights over bedside cabinets. Another space saving technique is to use wall mounted lights.

As it's the place you are most likely to walk barefoot, the bedroom is ideal for all over carpeting or a throw rug. Placed on each side of the bed, a throw rug makes a luxurious landing pad.

If you don't have bedroom space to create your best moments, talk to one of our designers and they will be able to get you started with your creative side.

By Claire Marshall 01 Mar, 2016
Bookshelves that are custom built for your space can serve an obvious functional purpose - to hold books- but they can also enhance a room's overall design in significant ways.

Rather than following the traditional method of arranging your books, mimic what you might see in a book store or cafe.

Exercise your creativity and you can create a stunning focal point in any room of your home.

Group your books by colour to design a stunning display that functions as art, or add in pops of colour with thoughtful decor additions to coordinate with the scheme you've already set out for your home.

Rather than placing books spine out and vertical, intersperse horizontal stacks or place your books spine in for a more Avant-garde style. This breaks up the monotony of an entire bookshelf of books arranged in the same way and allows you to create levels of visual interest.

Empty spaces can be just as powerful as a piece of art. Among your book stacks, leave some room to show off the colour and texture of your shelving or shelf backing that we have customised for you. This also keeps the space from looking cluttered.

Why not try some Organised movement? Use your creativity with colours, patterns and textures to create contrast, repetition and progression. For example create a monochromatic colour palette in mixed patterns will create liveliness in your space without looking busy.

We can also provide you with some savvy storage areas that can help break up your design. These can create an interesting perspective when you juxtapose small objects or art pieces with contrasting colours to the storage areas.

If you don't have the bookshelf to start with, talk to one of our designers and they will be able to get you started with your creative side.

By Claire Marshall 10 Feb, 2016

A dedicated guest room is a luxury that not all can afford. But even if you need to use every bit of your home for your own living space, a guest room may still be in the cards. From combination home office-guest rooms to living rooms that do a disappearing act, these ideas are here to help.

Hosting occasional overnight guests is a fact of life for many … but not so many of us have the space to spare for a guest room that rarely gets used. Make your guest room work just as hard for you as it does for your guests by combining it with another space.

A Wall bed (also known as a Murphy bed) can be used in the home office.

A wall bed neatly folds away when not in use, providing room to use a desk and store home office necessities. When guests arrive, just tuck away your desk chair and pull down the bed.

With Organised Interiors, you can choose a wall bed with built-in storage or a customised desk on the other side.


You will need about 100-220cm of space, including the cabinet where the bed is stored and the space for the length of the bed when extended. If you have a longer wall but not as much floor space, you can choose a wall bed that extends horizontally from the wall instead of vertically.

In addition, plan to have room for a guest to walk around the bed. If one side is not accessible because of space constraints, that’s ok, but at least one side and the foot of the bed should be easily reachable.

From $1400 (for a no-frills DIY wall bed mechanism) to $3500 including installation for a ready-made unit. For a custom or semi-custom wall bed, plan to spend $5000 and up.


When a separate guest room is not an option, consider working guest space into your living area. In this smart space, a fold-away bed and desk combo provides sleeping space for two, while a ceiling-mounted curtain can be pulled shut at night for privacy.

Assess your living room to determine if you have room for a wall bed. A horizontal wall bed (or bed positioned horizontally) requires less floor space but will still likely take up all of one living room wall.

Integrate your entertainment centre and living room bookshelves with a wall bed for a seamless look that takes advantage of every last nook and cranny.

Expect to spend at least $5000 (and possibly quite a bit more) on a custom design that includes a wall bed and an entertainment centre. A custom-cabinet maker or an interior designer should be able to work with you to create a system that fits seamlessly with your home’s architectural features.


When a wall bed is put away, the wall where it is stored tends to be a great big blank spot. You can’t use it to store books or hang framed artworks, because they would just fall off when you open the bed.

As a creative custom touch, you can have a photographic mural applied to the entire wall where the bed is stored.

Call Organised Interiors to arrange a showroom consultation to review your plans and allow us to make arrangements that work within your building, time schedule and budget. 

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